Natalie Firth

Founder & Co-CEO, Think Talent

Natalie Firth, co-founder and co-CEO of Think Talent, started the recruitment agency with Ainsley Johnstone to disrupt the industry’s endemic bro culture. A passionate advocate for female leadership, flexibility in the workplace and also the broader cultural influences that shape gender roles, Natalie’s goal is to contribute to a world where women -- and men -- no longer have to choose between family and a career. Natalie’s bugbears include women being shoehorned into part-time roles and working full-time hours (when all they actually need is flexible working arrangements) and the gender stereotyping and unconscious gender bias that is present from a young age that ultimately influences the roles men and women are expected to fulfill at home and at work.

Speaker Sessions

8:00 - 8:50

Women in Leadership Breakfast - Registrations required

Hart Room

Start the day with a peer discussion on some of the unique challenges and opportunities often faced by women in recruitment: closing the confidence gap, navigating difficult work/life balance choices, imposter syndrome, and more. Leah McKelvey, VP of Global Enterprise Strategy & Operations, will kick off the session with a Q&A with Abbie Morris, Director of Organisational Development at Allegis Group, about some of the experiences and initiatives from the Allegis team across APAC, and how they’ve focused on enabling their current and future leaders. After this short introduction, industry leaders will lead a discussion at each table before asking one person from each group to share the lessons back with the entire team. Limited spots available, to register your interest in attending please email