Kim Nijher

Account Executive, Bullhorn

Kim has been at Bullhorn for over 3 years and began his journey as an SMB Account Executive and has recently made the move to a Mid-Market Account Executive. He's worked with hundreds of recruitment agencies ranging from startups, SMBs and Mid-Markets and enjoy's sharing the insight this experience has allowed him to gain. Kim studied Economics and Finance at the University of Technology, Sydney and enjoys combining his academic business background with tech experience to successfully accelerate growth in APAC businesses.

Speaker Sessions

1:10 - 1:55

Low Hanging Fruit - Making the Most of Your Existing Bullhorn Investment

Embrace Technology

Maximise the value of your Bullhorn platform by taking a glimpse at some of the product features you may have never known existed. To ensure that you are benefiting from your current Bullhorn investment, we will dive into how the system can become a catalyst to support new processes and business change. We will demonstrate all the new and existing features that you may have previously overlooked, so that you and your team can take some real-life functionality back to the office with you. With interactive voting and a live product run through, this fun and hands-on session will unlock the true potential of your existing Bullhorn system.