Jeff Neumann

VP Product Marketing, Enterprise and Salesforce, Bullhorn

As VP Product Marketing, Jeff helps drive the strategy and go-to-market execution of Bullhorn’s product portfolio. With over 17 years of product and strategy experience, Jeff works extensively with customers, sales, market analysts, and others to help Bullhorn maximize its presence and leadership in the staffing space. Previously, Jeff was a senior member of the product management team and was responsible for growing Bullhorn’s CRM, analytics, mobile, and sales management capabilities. Prior to Bullhorn, Jeff held senior product management, marketing, and strategy positions with companies around the Boston area. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Bentley University.

Speaker Sessions

2:05 - 2:45

VMS Trends and Best Practices: How to Put Together a Winning Strategy

Embrace Technology

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in organisations turning to VMSs (sometimes known as client portals) as their preferred way to procure contingent labor. Unfortunately, many recruitment agencies struggle with the challenges, including margins, involved in accommodating VMS-based business. In this session, we'll discuss trends, strategies, and best practices you can use to overcome these challenges and build a successful VMS business within your organisation.

10:40 - 11:25

Vision for Innovation and Product Roadmap

Whiteley Ballroom

Join Matt Fischer, President and CTO at Bullhorn, for this Vision for Innovation presentation which showcases both the immediate roadmap and aspirational advancements in Bullhorn’s product lineup to help you drive better engagement, productivity, and growth. Matt will share Bullhorn’s strategic vision for helping companies continue to innovate, differentiate, and stay ahead of the competition.